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Port City Underground originated in February 2005, when siblings Lacey Henderson and Cameron Henderson decided it was time to put their talents to the test.

The basement site was exactly what they were looking for, as they were used to traveling to Chicago’s Gino’s East Pizza that used to be located in a similar setting, and wanted that same atmosphere in their own restaurant.

After laying down carpet on an otherwise unconventional floor, adding a bar, piecing together a kitchen and trying to make Mom’s pizza crust and sauce recipe for the masses; Port City Underground was born!

The menu started with just pizzas and breadsticks. But as they’ve adjusted, the menu now holds many unique pasta dishes, original salads, including the famous Goat Cheese and Apple Salad, homemade sandwiches and keep ya coming back soups!

Port City Underground was the first restaurant in Muscatine, Iowa, to focus on wine. Initially selling over 70 wines from around the world, they now have shared their drink menu with over 40 original martinis!!!

Port City Underground is still the only restaurant in Muscatine to offer you a mini wine tasting at the bar top for free!  Their mantra is “We will find a wine for you!”. Definitely check out their drink menu on the menu page along with their weekly specials.

The atmosphere is unique to Muscatine, as well. The original lime stone walls add a touch of history while the tables are set with candle light and soft music is played. It is a great place to just sit back and relax.

New in January, 2008, the PIANO ROOM was added on, and is used for and entertainment room, rehearsal dinners, class reunions, baby showers, wine tastings……….you name it, it can be done!

Come see Port City Underground for yourself if you already haven’t. You are sure to enjoy yourself and have a great meal that will definately bring you back......several times! 

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